Welcome to Jo-Anne’s Constitution Courses. I offer three different courses, “The Sheriff and the Citizen”, “The Duty of the Jury” and “The US Constitution”.  We are beginning with The Sheriff and the Citizen class. See https://theamericanview.com/#NDjo

Once you have registered on Restore the Intent, (RTI) on the main page you click on “My Area” then “click on “Groups” then click to join Jo-Anne’s Constitution Courses” then click on Syllabus. This will open up the syllabus and give a general class description.Then click on the appropriate week for course work for each class under “week one, week two etc.

All our classes are Biblically based using the Bible, the US Constitution and other primary sources.

If you have any questions please ask them in the class discussion page.

Homework Assignments for The Sheriff & the Citizen's Course

Homework Assignments for The Duty of the Jury course

Homework Assignments for The US Constitution Course

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