Host a Constitution Study Group

Thank you for considering hosting a Constitution Study Group.  We the people have forgotten our history.  The reason our country is in the shape it is in is because we no longer understand how our system of government was intended to operate, and therefore, have nothing to compare how it’s currently operating to.  The only way out of this mess is through education.

Below are some samples of the courses Restore the Intent uses.  We are able to use Liberty First University materials at a greatly discounted rate, but keep in mind there is a charge involved.  We make absolutely nothing, but there is a monthly charge to Liberty First University  

This videos below are but a small sample of the courses available.  Courses average 10 segments. Each is approximately 10 minutes long.  Courses come with a workbook (syllabus).

Please fill out the form below the videos if you are interested in establishing a Constitution Study Group in your county or learning more about our mission.  Somebody will contact you soon.

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